Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I am baaaaccckkk!

I took my blog off-line almost two years ago.  I had expressed my political thoughts openly, and in today's business world where people cyber-stalk prospective employees and business partners, I felt that it was probably good to keep many of my political thoughts more "private."  You never know what it going to be a negative trigger for a prospective employer or a prospective client. 

Writing is in my blood.  I love it.  I write all kinds of things, and I've missed my blog.  Last week I decided to blog about a recent flight I took, and I couldn't remember my blogger password.  Furthermore, I was trapped in a strange circle of blogger emails that didn't allow me to reset my password. 

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I logged on tonight (Christmas Day), typed in the first password I could remember, and viola! I am back into my blogger account.

So, in the next days and weeks, expect to hear from me.  It may be a more "tempered" and "restrained" voice with respect to politics.  I may avoid politics all together.  But, the need to write persists, and my blog is one way that I share my voice.

Merry Christmas!