Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We Dance and Sing for Money

I deleted my blog a few weeks ago, and I was so sad.  I had blogged for about five years, and I really like this medium to express myself.  So, after some careful thought, I decided to give it another go.  This go around, I will choose a different tone and try to avoid political commentary.  I can't promise that it won't sneak in, but it won't be the main topic of my blog.

So what was a subject good enough to make me fire back up the blog?  It has to do with this picture. 

This evening, I was leaving the neighborhood with Elle and her friend in tow to run a few quick errands, and as we were headed out, there was a group of kids standing on the corner waiving a sign and trying to get cars to stop.  We slowed enough to read this sign:  "We Dance and Sing for Money."  We smiled and waved and I lamented that I'd left my cash at home. 

Our first stop was the gas station, and when I opened my wallet, I discovered that I had three dollars!  I told the girls that we were going to swing back through the neighborhood before we went anywhere else and pay for a song and a dance.  As we approached where the kids were previously standing, we realized that they had given up and were headed home.  I rolled down the window and said, "Hey, get back to your corner, we're coming to pay you!"  Ok...perhaps not the best choice of words (according to Elle), but they were SO EXCITED to have a paying customer. 

With three dollars in hand, we asked what we needed to do to get a song.  They put the hat down and said, "Just pay us as much as you want, and we'll sing you a song!"  I requested One Direction.  One of the girls found the music on her phone, and they sang their little hearts out for us.  SO FREAKING CUTE!  And moreover, they were so excited about the three dollars.  The boy with them tried to break dance, and the girls quashed his dancing.  It was adorable.

After that, we requested a Justin Bieber song, and we got "Baby." 

We all high-fived, and we told them how awesome they were!  Here they are...super cute kids who go to our local elementary school. 

How can you not support some budding entrepreneurs who were singing to get some cash?  Elle said, "I wonder what they need the cash for."  My reply, "Probably the same thing as you....cookie dough."  Which was what prompted the whole running errands scenario in the first place. 

I can't tell you how happy they were, and I can't tell you how happy that made me!!  I remember those dog days of summer where the sun stayed out until 9 PM and you were bored out of your freaking mind...knowing that if you had a few bucks you could go get an ice cream or a soda at the gas station. 

I have a hard rule.  Always stop for Lemonade stands.  I now have a new rule.  Always stop for signs that read, "We Dance and Sing for Money." 

As they ran home so excited about their three dollars, I told them to be careful crossing the street....what can I say. 

This experience made my day!